StarrPort Corporation


Non executive President ing. J. J. E. van Essen, President Ecology A. Schmitter
Founding Address Europe:, P.O. Box 63123, NL-1005 LC Amsterdam,
The Netherlands, Phone/Fax +3120 - 683 9606


Dear Investor,

There are 914.285.715 pre-introduction shares available at € 17,50 each. To get global participation from the start, the launch will be supported by a top ten Bank and Law Firm. The stock will be tradable in the USA, EU, and Asia.

Below, the CO2 savings as well as the financial forecast are listed. The dividend is exclusive of the CO2 value. The CO2 value is part of the shares and can be traded after air transport becomes also CO2 targeted by the UNCCC.







stock dev

Those forecast results, based on the actual market situation, show a great investment opportunity as well as an enormous effect on C02 emission (12% of total air traffic). We propose to buy the shares per 3.000 or more to make an impact on climate trading and at the same time benefit from a substantial dividend.

This is also an invitation to become one of the first eight StarrPort owners, by commissioning a StarrPort, pre-studies, plan designs, flow analysis, (co)operation schemes. Secure you(r country) a top notch green(er) airport, with CO2 advantage, as a uniquely efficient and compact ‘meet and travel’ place. 

To facilitate the financing of the first StarrPort airport in developing nations, we have assured the support of the World Bank, to help generously with the necessary investment. Other high-level bank instruments are at hand for further basic funding.

Management and technical details with all support needed, are ready for deliberation and fitting for special demands. We are eager to meet with your decision-making team to discuss project development and timely realisation.

With respect and kind regards,
StarrPort Corporation (under construction)



Eng. J.J.Emile van Essen
Non-executive President
Mobile (+31) 641 346 180

Cooperation expressed:
John D. Kasarda - Kenan Distinguished Professor of Management and Director of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise at the University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School.


CO2 and Financial Forecast

In the CO2 volume, Cargo Flights are included as a factor op Passenger Flights. CO2 has both Climate and Financial values. The CO2 trade value is not yet fixed and depends strongly on the Bali Conference outcome in December 2007. CO2 savings means also fuel saving and better risk management on kerosene stock. Starrport saves an average 12% of the fuel cost per flight. 80% to 90% of the CO2 and fuel cost savings will benefit directly the airport and airline owners.

StarrportCorp average Net Profit per year is calculated in a Basic, Middle, and High Scenario. After that, the results are corrected for inflation and related to a probability factor (50% less probable per 20 year). StarrportCorp plans to buy and invest in several airports and sell license contracts to other airports.

Net Profit

Investment and Growth

Air transport is expecting to grow with 100% till 2025. The present growth is 4,8% per year (in passenger numbers). We calculated with 4%. And added a probability margin of 2,5% each year. By separating these calculations, both figures, growth and probability, are shown as independent results.

The investments are based on putting in 59% of own cash and 41% mortgage on fixed assets. To get a maximum momentum, the biggest airports (in passengers) will be targeted first. The growth is based on cash reserves after dividend. After investment, a cash reserve of about 20% has to remain to allow financial flow.



Air traffic is highly concentrated at the main (international) airports:

passengers distribution

This gives us the possiblity to focus for scale and impact on a small group of top airports. 500 airports is the end target.


Turnover and Net Profit

While StarrportCorp is based on 123 patents (pending), only the runway slope patent is valued in this forecast. The patents are moreover useful for other industries, but for this moment we are concentrating on the value of CO2 and fuel savings. Most of the larger airports are governmentally-owned, but all over the world, private partnership is an actual item.

Between contracting and operation, we assumed a five year period to give planning and development enough time for realisation.

turnover and net profit

Dividend and Reserves

By investing in existing airports first, we will gain the first income and dividend. License-contracting, and later operations, show growing dividend through the years. For a sharp vision on the outcome we caculated also the cash value.

Besides the cash reserve, there is a 30% mortgage reserve on the fixed assets.

The results are very promising, we are proud to invite you to become a StarrportCorp investor. Our calculations guarantee a good (investors) climate.