Starrport - a Humane Airport

The Starrport airport is a compact megastructure situated in the close vicinity of cities. This is possible due to drastically reduced noise and pollution. The patented concept allows not only to save fuel, but also to shorten airport handling time, as well as airport transit times.

A Starrport offers tradable CO2 reductions for a lower Eco Footprint.

StarrportCorp makes sure to deliver a reasonable interest on financial investment support. Financial surplus can be reinvested in sustainable development.

Actual: Clean Technology in AWE Mini Congress

To spread and advance the 123 Starrport technologies and numerous other inventions in key areas, we will present Jim Starry for the first time in the Netherlands along with other remarkable inventors during a Clean Technology in AWE (Air, Water & Earth) Congress.

Date: (to be announced)

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Video Presentation
of the StarrPort Concept by Jim Starry himself:

a (free) 2 minutes introduction is here
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By entering the third Millennium, new challenges become apparent. The threat of extinction of the human race looms, but gradually, movements to turn the tide appear in every corner of the Earth, proposing all kinds of activities. Solutions are worked on, and become public not only in relevant branches, but in places where such opportunities were generally not expected.

An environmentally-friendly (or at least -friendlier) airport would seem at first like a contradiction. Read on to find out how it can benefit you, too.

Starrport - the Economic Airport

Building airports the way they are presently done will kill the planet. It is of utmost urgence to reverse the gargantuan use of resources which drives aviation into bankruptcy. Major airlines go belly up. This happened in January 2010 with JAL Japan Airlines, and recently (again) with American Airlines.

The Starrport has 123 opportunities to turn the tide. Jim Starry's solutions will allow aviation to become profitable again, while saving lives (look for EPA cancer studies for Minneapolis) and sparing the environment. Some of these technologies, Jim never shared with anyone yet.

Jim Starry's timely offer for a consultancy contract:

Your airport as a Starrport for a one time fee of $ 1 Million (for airports with up to 1.000 flights per day), plus 10% of the fuel savings for the next five years, payable each month. A thorough analysis of your requirements and the present situation will be part of this deal.

Contact us today to profit from this timely deal.

StarrPort - a Green(er) Airport

StarrportCorp will be established to realize the projects of the American inventor Jim Starry.

One of his most convincing plans is to re-engineer airports. 40 years of activity as a concerned environmental engineer are topped by his designs for airports built on one third of the land, costing only half, and saving millions gallons of fuel per major airport, each and every year.

The most striking feature of his StarrPort is to build the landing strips inclined. This is not new, some airports in tight areas have this adapted due to their natural environment. In the mountains for instance, it is common to land uphill and take off downhill.


© ED-ED (Economic Development through Environmental Designs) - Jim Starry

The novel point is to do this on purpose. Decades of dedicated research brought a rich harvest of other beneficial ideas. They allow - in combination with other supporting measures - to save some 300 million gallons of fuel per (major) airport - per year!
The highly esteemed publication WorldWatch Magazine published a 12 page article on his insights in their July/August 2001 issue. The original article is available for free when subscribing, or can be downloaded as a PDF file for US$ 4. - A simplified version is directly accessible via the San Diego EarthTimes (September 2001).

Background: Jim Starry's Convenient Truth

"I have been working on these systems since the mid Sixties. While doing weather studies for the National Center for Atmospheric Research, I've noticed major ozone depletion, increases in forest fires, and dramatic changes in fuel consumption world wide. I found a very obvious condition was being created "below the radar" of all major media.

"For example, House Bill (HB) 2107 is slated to dramatically increase airport expansion across the U.S. This bill was funded 51 billion dollars under the Clinton administration. 2000 U.S. cities are expanding their airports, including 10 on the California coast. (UPDATE: Recently, another round of substantial funds was done by the Obama administration.)

"HB 2107, a 10,012 page document, claims that "Flying twice as many planes will not double the air pollution in 2000 locations." (!) Most likely, this will create a 50% increase in the oil consumption of the United States. Each gallon of oil consumed creates 10,000 gallons of air expanded during combustion, creating 100.000 gallons of 1.400 degrees of pollution, that floats around the world inducing climate change.

'Inconvenient truths'  - 10 years from now we'll be consuming:
- TWICE the current daily fuel
- 164 million barrels of oil per day
- In the U.S. alone: 22 million NEW homes will be built
- along with 2.000 airport expansions.

"In the next ten years China, with its new U.S. style economics, will soon put 1/2 billion NEW cars on the road, build a city each week - the size of Denver, while it is currently constructing 54 NEW airports. India alone will have 28 NEW airports.

"Our current extreme over-consumption of the world's oil is truly disgraceful. The U.S. represent only 5% of the world's population, yet consumes 30 % of the world's fossil fuels. Worse yet, we are teaching the rest of the world to be as consumptive as us. It's time for solutions, hence 'Convenient Solutions'. This equation though does not take in account an expanded world population.

"This will obviously nullify Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth'. The truth is, there is no truth in the Environmental Protection Agency or the Federal Aviation Administration. Nor can you find reality spoken at the Government Accounting Office in Washington.

"My question to you at this time is a simple one: How can we reduce Global warming if we manufacture and install a 50% increase in global fuel consumption in the next ten years? More exciting information is contained in the FAA handbook: A 900% increase in U.S. aviation by 2050. And the EPA states that this is "Of no particular concern". Maybe this is the reason the EPA is in court in 49 states for falsifying Federal Environmental impact statements.

"At what point will this come under the watchful eye of national and international media? There have been a million acres burned in Montana, another million burned in Colorado and Arizona. 9 million burned in California recently. At what point while watching these absurdities, do we actually consider that we are building huge increases in global warming, which is drying out the forests, which will eventually justify the Bureau Of Land Management's "Let It Burn" policy? Don't take this personally, but are you going to wait until you yourself can't breathe?
(ACTUALIZED: Huge fires in many US-states in Summer 2012, several Midwest and Southeast tornado disasters in 2011!)

Newspapers about Starrport

The biggest newspaper of America, USA Today, featured Jim Starry and the Starrport concept in a main article by Gary Stoller on Monday 12 January 2004, with an interactive and informative Flash graphic of the Starrport design.

Another article by Gary Stoller was published in USA Today as a Cover story on Monday 18th December 2006. The relevant part on StarrPort under the heading 'Other possible solutions' towards the end reads: "University of North Carolina professor John Kasarda, who consulted in the design of airports in Detroit, Bangkok, Brazil and the Philippines, says a new approach to airport design could reduce emissions. He said he sees merit in an untried design by Illinois inventor Jim Starry, who conceived the design while flying back to the USA from England in the early 1980s. Starry envisions parallel runways, on an upward slant for landing and a downward slant for takeoff, leading jets directly onto, or off, the roof of a circular passenger terminal and parking garage. The design, which was first proposed by Starry to the FAA in the mid-1980s, reduces a jet's taxi time, cutting emissions and saving fuel. 'I see brilliance in the ideas', says Kasarda, who plans to work with Starry to refine his design and make it commercially viable."

(by the way: consulted with the USA-Today articles and initiated the contact between John Kasarda and Jim Starry after reading a FastCompany article in the July/August 2006 issue no 107 'Rise of the Aerotropolis').

Tradeable CO2 Reduction

StarrportCorp offers savings on CO2 and will take a share of 10% of the realized emission reductions. By being a shareholder of StarrportCorp, you become also an owner of these CO2 savings. Later we will give a forecast of the volume of the savings and tradeabiltiy. Calculate your Eco Footprint to get a better grip on your private and business emissions: Eco Footprint

Reasonable Interest

Starrport Corp is not primarily a money-centered corporation. We recognize that money is an important factor in realizing sustainable goals and that money-owners have to get a reasonable reward for their risk-taking and lending. In the present market, a common interest rate for green money is between 3 to 6 percent. Starrport aims to deliver this rate range as a minimum average over multiple years. Financial surplus will become reinvested in sustainable development, first within the airport and transport industry and secondly in forestry for oxygen production.
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Extra: Starrport Music, by Martin MAZ Weber-Caspers

In preparation of the August 17th 2007 Lelystad Airport development meeting, Guido Hoogenboom introduced Martin MAZ Weber-Caspers, a famous composer and artist to StarrportCorp.

MAZ Weber played during that meeting some beautiful piano music and agreed to become Starrport's music composer. Inspired by its basic ideas and the global sustainability impact of the Starrport concept, Martin composed in the week after the meeting an album which will get the name 'Starrport' by Martin MAZ Weber-Caspers.

(Martin played and composed with famous rock jazz musician Curtis Knight for more than half a year daily in his last year, and is preparing to release the latest and as yet unpublished Jimi Hendrix track 'The Story Of Life'. Jimi Hendrix wrote this revealing song the night before he died, and passed it on to Curtis Knight. Shortly before Curtis Knight died, Martin inherited the song.)